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November 16, 2005

Behold the progress

Captain, there be walls here . . . , or there will be once I upload the latest pictures to Flickr. Right now, we're down at FFA to utilize their showers, which are a lot nicer than the dungeon ones at Standard.

We now have moulding, and wainscoating, and of course, le tub!!!! I will post Josh's summary of events leading to us actually (and finally!) getting the tub and then getting said tub up to the second floor. It is awesome, and I just hope to goodness that it fits!! The bathroom is really coming together, its just nice to have walls again. Tomorrow we should see the first coat of the color. Right now, I am not too sure about what we picked out, but Josh says its good - we'll have to see once its on the walls. Slowly but surely the bathroom remodel is coming along. I sure won't miss that port-a-potty at 6 am in the dark and cold!!


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