It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter, Everybunny!

Cheesy, why yes, but its one of those days. It was a luxurious lazy Sunday - first one in a long time. I spent most of the day knitting the new poncho pattern I picked up last weekend in Poulsbo, WA and taking intermittent naps on the couch with Melo. Josh has been playing computer and planting. We finally mustered up enough energy to venture out to try and find the rummage sale that was supposed to be going on at Jefferson High School, but given it was Easter, I have a feeling the KGW spot was wrong and the sale was actually on Saturday. It wasn't a wasted trip though as we discovered a cool little plant store, Buffalo Gardens, on Alberta. We picked up another columnar apple to make a trio in the front. If it ever stops raining, we'll actually get to work in the garden. It will be great when the new fence is in. As for Easter dinner, it just never was meant to be. We baked the ham, but after brunch and late lunch, there was just no room. Josh and I have been working on cleaning up the basement this evening - more like cleaning out than cleaning up! I'm forecasting several runs to Goodwill in the next few weeks. I swear our stuff is multiplying like bunnies, but the good news is that Josh once again has a desktop that is visible (mostly). Including the cleaning, its actually been a somewhat productive weekend yet at the same time restful (read: NO work!!). Josh had his first tilling clinic for Dragon Boat (starts next week - yikes!!!), and I finished one the baby quilts and started making headway on the Seashore quilt. Having finally finished a quilt, I now must try and finish one of my knitting projects so once the latest ebay goodies come, I can start those. Too many cool things to do. Since there's nobody worth getting too hyped up about (save Louisville-go Erica's home team) in the NCAA Final Four, at least there will be one last distraction. After Duke was eliminated, I was kinda hoping for an all-Kentucky final game. But alas, Erica and I will have to wait until next year for a rematch!

March 24, 2005

Under Construction

I'll have to learn how to post that little yellow construction worker sign. As you may be able to tell, we're undergoing a bit of a renovation here at Melo's world. Sort like our house - let's just hope the site moves faster, and is cheaper to do!! I'm off this afternoon to take a rest - it is a nice quiet spring break week and nothing is on fire (that I know of) at work, so what the heck. It’s also time to take Melo to the dreaded v-e-t. Normal check up and shots time, and goodness knows the shots canNOT be as bad as the one where she got the chip implanted. That was very wrong, but she took it like a trooper. Gotta jet for now - check back for updates!

March 21, 2005

Back to Normal??

Okay, it has been about a month since the last entry and I have no good excuses -- save a heinous workload, work & fun trip to Miami and Orlando that I will post (or is that boast) about later, and most recently a trip up to Seattle/Bainbridge for work and some fun. It is so good to be home, even though it is a veritable pit right now between all the Florida pack and unpacking, then the repacking and re-unpacking from this last weekend. Josh was a laundry god in between the trips, so fortunately we're not too far behind. It feels so nice to be home-I can't wait for the weekend to relax and clean this place up. We're also hoping for some nice weather so we can plant all the garden goodies from Flower World and Molbak's. Time for some pizza and maybe, just maybe some picture uploading. Then it might be time to check in on how Erica and I are doing on the NCAA tourney - so far, the Blue Devils and KY are both still in so at least one of my brackets isn't totally blown (dang Texas Tech!).