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May 03, 2007

Run for the Roses

It is almost that most magic 4 minutes of sports: the Kentucky Derby. Dang, I really should have hauled my butt to Louisville this year - even the Queen's getting in on the horsey action. Oh well - it just means I get more time in July to go see E - yes, I am a coming to visit!!!

Don't worry Erica, we'll be watching the race!!! Here's my official (well, not official yet but going on record) picks, in no particular order since I generally do the weeny win/place/show bets:

1. Cowtown Cat (cause Cat is in the name)
2. Storm in May (what a cool story, kinda like a pirate horse . . .)
3. Iamwildandcrazyguy (because its post position 5, my fav number, and right now 50 to 1)
4. Sam P (because his sire is Cat Thief)
5. Scat Daddy (just cause)

So, in celebration of Southern Spice, I will be putting on my Derby hat, breaking out the Makers Mark and official julep making bits and enjoying the show! Maybe Josh and I will have to rejoin Ted's horse conglomerate.