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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

And despite a crazy, roller-coaster day at work, I made it home to enjoy the 30+ trick or treaters that came to our door. Josh got into the spirit at work (for picture goodness, click here). Hope everyone had a safe and candy-filled Halloween!

October 27, 2007

Off to the mountain

I only wish they had wireless up there, we need to catch up on our blogging and posting of pictures. Soon, I promise, soon!

October 15, 2007

Headed Home

One last swim in the mediterranean pools.
One more round of black jack and slots.
One more (or maybe a few more) fountain shows at the Bellagio.
And it is time to head home.

We've had a wonderful trip - the only bad part is that it has to end. I wish they had a spot on the roulette wheel for "One More Day".

October 12, 2007

Viva Las Vegas, Baby

We made it! The Bellagio is wonderful - we've already had gelato twice at Jean-Phillipe's Patissaire, dinner at Sensi, and just now the buffet. Good thing we took a stroll down to NY NY and the MGM. We may waddle off to the pool for a bit now, but we've got to rest up for "Ka" tonight at the MGM. So far, none of us have hit it big except Virginia, who won two free tickets to "Stomp" at Planet Hollywood (formerly the Aladdin). Come on Red 16!

October 06, 2007

A very nice Saturday indeed

It was been one of those great Saturdays. Rob, Jenn and Jack came for a visit. We started with just hanging out, catching up and resting for our trip to Tad's Chicken -n- Dumplings, aka Chix Dump, in Troutdale. Despite the name, Josh and I are usually tempted by the yummy primerib, especially now that The Prime Rib is sadly no more. (I am still working out this photo deal, but if you click on the random white box below, you'll get a picture. My IT department needs to get on the ball, or I'm going to have to lodge a formal complaint.)

Then, to help walk off a part of dinner, we hit IKEA, which was strangley busy for a Saturday night. It might have been the wonderful Christmas decorations which are now present - YEAH.
I was pretty restrained--one lantern and a few star light strands. Then it was handing out with PS2 and pokemon *listening* to music!


October 03, 2007

New Happy Fun-time Karaoke Revolution

Josh got me a little surprise earlier this week - a new karaoke revoluation game for the PS2. WAY too much fun - it is addictive. I had been ready to go to bed when I heard Josh singing (and I think dancing) by himself and got pulled in. This newest version has a very cool duet feature. And, to give props where they are due, Josh kicked my behind in the head-to-head duet.

October 01, 2007

Yikes, it's been a while

And so much - let's see, in just this last weekend alone, there was the NW quilting convention, the almost finishing of 2 (two!!) Halloween quilts which were started a gazillon years ago and needed to be finished before the starting of the newest Halloween quilts, followed by TeaZone with Chrissie (OMG - the world's BEST scones), Stumptown Comics convention with Josh (and the purchasing of the most cutest viking rabbit sculpture ever, I swear, it's really cute, plus a visit to the Bridge City Comics both, of course!). Then the parents came over to view the floors, watched some more football, did some more quilting. Oh yeah, and I forgot - a trip to the best fish & chips place, Halibut's on Saturday night and a quick drive by of the Polish festival on Saturday.

Boy, I was tired today and work just bit. It's the start of the dreaded review time and today's fun event was the turning in of the annual I-am-so-awesome-I must-put-it-in-memo-form-for-all-to-ready BS self-evaluation. In case you can't tell, I think the process is bunk because, well, it is. Nuf said.

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