It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

November 10, 2007

Man, Melo is SO loved

Melo's been feeling a bit under the weather, but with this sort of love, she'll be feeling better and back to her puppy self very soon!

November 04, 2007

Meloland is under attack!!

in Cybernations, that is. Dang tech raiders and hired mercs. I was SO close to getting my bonus resource of scholars. Now my government is in anarchy and I've lost a bunch of technology and infrastructure. But, I did (with the help of Josh) manage to diplomatically resolve war, made an informal alliance that should help me when my plans for revenge come to fruition. Just wait until I get nuclear weapons, Seixas, just you wait.

Ah Sunday

The day I normally reserve for all the work I need/should have done or be doing, which generally means I pull a Scarlet O'Hara ("I can't think about this today, I'll think about it tomorrow") and watch football or do something else. Today it will be doing laundry, knitting, putting away Halloween decorations, hanging out with Jeff and Melanie and watching football. Dang it, they are not getting my weekends, too. It will just have to be a very very long week at work. At least I finished a few items and one of the four motions due this we - plus, the Cowboys are on today!

November 03, 2007

headed out to dinner

And the hair's not much shorter, only about 2 or 3 inches to even up the ends. Man, I wish I had a stylist to do my hair each morning. That would be great, especially 'cause there ain't no way I am going to do the curling iron thing every morning and I love the loose waves. I've also decided that all the women I see with gorgeous, movie-star hair are very talented curling iron artists. No one has naturally wavy, gorgeous hair. And if you do, I dislike you already. Alot.

Anyways, off to Caprial's!

Finally, some pictures!

Originally uploaded by kckellner.

Here's the view of Mt. Rainier from Longmire. Looks like we're in for similar weather this weekend down in PDX, which is nice for today's events:breakfast, shopping and trips to the hair salon with my mom. Josh has convinced me I am not ready to have short(er) hair, but a few inches will likely be coming off. And I think its time for bangs again, we'll have to see . . .