It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

June 30, 2005

Important 4th of July Safety Tip

Stay away from War of the Worlds. Play with illegal fireworks, eat a lot of BBQ food, but stay away. See Josh's blog at right for more info, but suffice to say this movie was almost another Deep Impact experience (that damn movie made me cry from almost the first 10 minutes til the end with the hopelessness of it all).

Not as much crying this time, but the same blah, blah, blah, depressing, gray, if I was in this situation I'd want to die in the first wave of attacks thank you. Not sure about anyone else (save Josh), but on the 4th, I want to see some ass-kicking, blowing-up, good old united-against-the-evil-creepy aliens (or asteroids in the THE best summer movie, Armageddon) . . . not some gray, depressing, needlessly gory ick-fest. Granted, WOW had amazing special effects (note to Lucas, you can have amazing special effects without everything being CGI). But the movie was just blah and ick. I must have wisphered to Josh on at least 4 separate occassions 'boy, does this movie stink - where's Will Smith kicking some alien butt? where's Bruce Willis saying we win Gracie?' The whole aliens-using-humans-for-blood-fertilizer wasn't scary, just gross. The aliens were cool, but I think I want my money back.

Time to go check out the teaser trailer for King Kong (12/14/05 - we are SO there opening night)! Now, I think I need to go watch Armageddon - its been about 4 weeks. Plus, I want to save Independance Day for the 4th: "You did NOT just shoot that green s__t at me."

June 29, 2005

Because some days

you just need to take some time and pop some bubble wrap to make it through without committing a felony.

courtesy of Gail - thanks!

June 28, 2005

About Freaking Time

Leave it to those Canadians to show us how lame America is by doing
the right thing first.

Go Cananda for approving gay marriage. Just another reason why the Republic of Cascadia can't come about too soon - bring on the maple leaves, baby.

June 20, 2005


Yikes, is it really only Monday? Well, all and all not that bad even though I could not reschedule the PODS for my parents move, which means Josh and I load up the first one and then schedule movers for the rest of the stuff to go in the second which is not exactly what I had hoped for originally. I just want to make sure it all fits, and now we'll be leaving with the car on the Drive West Summer Adventure before the whole house is packed. But we should be able to get my parents ready to go and we will have movers lined up for them, so in some cosmic way I am sure it will all work out.

We had dinner with our friends, Heather and Collin, tonight. Heather had bought one of Collin's childhood games, Talisman, as a surprise for him and we got to get in on the surprise. It is a great game, but unfortunately no longer in print. Talisman was and originally published in Great Britain, and is sort of a board game version of D&D without all the math and 20-sided die. The art on the board and cards is great and its really smart how it all fits together with the details. The expansion packs are apparently where it is at - some go for up to $500 on eBay. It was such a good game, I might just have to do a little eBay sleuthing and see if we can pick up the original 2nd edition for under $30 or so. (Per Heather, the 3rd edition is a bit lame).

Speaking of good things from Great Britian, only 26 more days until Harry Potter 6 is here!! Only bummer is that after all of Josh's great planning and expense to have the 1st Edition British version shipped on time to get here to PDX on the big day, we will likely be somewhere in the range of the Rockies or Hells Canyon driving back to Portland. Oh well, it will be good incentive to keep on driving!! (But I may have to read ahead a bit by picking up a US 1st Edition while on the road!)

June 19, 2005

Strateloutions for Father's Day

Gotta love corporate babble speak - this one is from some recent commercial and I think I will try it out at the next meeting to see if anyone recognizes it. We're up in Seattle this weekend and so far the weather has been beautiful. Its at bit cooler up here but sunny - I hope there was some rain in Portland because we didn't get a chance to water before leaving. Of couse, since we're up on Bainbridge, I just *had* to go to ChurchMouse. It was pleasantly non-snooty, at least in terms of the salesperson who helped me - the island customers (and you can always tell which ones they are verses the visitors) were the same, but alas, they do have nice things. I even managed to finish an entire quick easy shoulder poncho with yarn that refused to stay in the 3 other projects I started with it. I might make another one to sell at the Christmas bazaar this year - if I make it that long and don't find another fun use for the yarn.

We're headed out to the Casino for brunch this morning - Ted's choice as it is Father's Day. They have a yummy brunch, but since we had an awesome dinner and 2 servings of ice cream cake (courtesy of Gail) I'm not sure how much brunch room there is. I'm sure we'll rally as soon as the thought of unlimited bacon makes it thru my sleepy head.

Oh, and we finally got to get down to Chrissie & Kevin's and meet Kulia in person. She is very cute wrapped up like a baby burrito. She's already got a head of dark hair and word on the street is that she's favoring the Terry side in terms of looks. Her big sis Leina has the McLaughlin side, and is very cute when talking about her sister. Which is kinda funny since everything, including the Melo without hair, is "cute" right now to Leina. Leina almost didn't recognize Melo at first with her new shaved look, but then reverted back to Melo, Melo, Melo - it must be the furry tail part that gave it away!

So Happy Father's Day to Dad and Ted(dad)!! See you at the buffet!

June 13, 2005


Its back, and in the hell of a hiatus due to internet problems, there's been several birthdays (mine and Erica's - big shout out to my Gemini sis), a new baby (see prior post which was done timely, but didn't get officially posted until today) and our Dragon Boat team officially kicked some booty (and for all those who know about our dragon boating adventures, it still counts even though our toughest competitors were a sight-challenged boat). We got a trophy and everything.

Okay, now for something I've been meaning to do (but couldn't due to aforementioned internet issues) for sometime:

To Erica - happy belated birthday annoucement on website!

To Rob, Jenn, and Jack: Muy, muy gracias for an absolutely great birthday dinner. The only way it could have been better was if we were all in Tahiti together doing the same dang thing - seriously, that was the most fun night we've had in a while and your gifts ROCK! Most not malo!! So, when you making those bbq skewers again??

To Chrissie and Kevin and the McLaughlin clan: Extra congrats on the newest cutie - we can't wait to come see you tomorrow!!

To Greg & Lani - Big thanks for coming down and hanging out all weekend down at the waterfront with us. It was great to see you guys, and you went the extra mile staying for all our races (glad we won a few before you left, even if it was a race against the special dragons!!). Greg - most excellent input on the video camera - its a thing of wonder!

To Rob, Jenn and Jack 2: Thanks for coming down and cheering us on. Your wonderful signs are up in my office. The mutant lawyers is very popular, as is the most-excellent fingerpaint rendition of the Dragon Boat!!

To my excellent in laws, Gail, Ted and Virginia: Thanks so much for coming down last weekend - it was a great time and I am SO lucky to have rockin' in-laws. Thanks too for all the presents. Josh and I will be up this weekend with the video camera and the accordian - now won't that be fun!!

And last, but never least, to my most wonderful, kick ass husband: Great B-day babe! Just like our Dragon Boat team this year, I don't know how you are going to top this one. I love you extra special much! Also, everyone should know that Josh is not only a tiller-extraordinare, after only learning to till and doing it one season, he has been asked to teach the Tiller's Clinic for next year's Rose Festival Dragon Boat races. He is da man.

And with that, we're back!!

p.s. As soon as I (or okay, let's be honest, Josh) figures out how to work all the most-nifty features of the video cam, we hope to have Melo videos for the offering. She's so much more spritely now that she has no hair and has become the Nair puppy. If the Blogger/NetFirms hissy fit has been truly resolved, we may also get before and after pictures one of these days!

June 03, 2005


The newest McLaughlin has arrived at last: She's so cute, I guess I can't be that mad that she just had to come out before my birthday or at least Erica's birthday. She's so cute, by the time Blogger has figured out and fixed the current problem with posting, she's going to be huge. Now onto finding a gift for Kulia (Haiwaiian for stand firm I believe, if is to be believed) and for big sis Leina. Congrats Kev & Chrissie!!