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June 20, 2005


Yikes, is it really only Monday? Well, all and all not that bad even though I could not reschedule the PODS for my parents move, which means Josh and I load up the first one and then schedule movers for the rest of the stuff to go in the second which is not exactly what I had hoped for originally. I just want to make sure it all fits, and now we'll be leaving with the car on the Drive West Summer Adventure before the whole house is packed. But we should be able to get my parents ready to go and we will have movers lined up for them, so in some cosmic way I am sure it will all work out.

We had dinner with our friends, Heather and Collin, tonight. Heather had bought one of Collin's childhood games, Talisman, as a surprise for him and we got to get in on the surprise. It is a great game, but unfortunately no longer in print. Talisman was and originally published in Great Britain, and is sort of a board game version of D&D without all the math and 20-sided die. The art on the board and cards is great and its really smart how it all fits together with the details. The expansion packs are apparently where it is at - some go for up to $500 on eBay. It was such a good game, I might just have to do a little eBay sleuthing and see if we can pick up the original 2nd edition for under $30 or so. (Per Heather, the 3rd edition is a bit lame).

Speaking of good things from Great Britian, only 26 more days until Harry Potter 6 is here!! Only bummer is that after all of Josh's great planning and expense to have the 1st Edition British version shipped on time to get here to PDX on the big day, we will likely be somewhere in the range of the Rockies or Hells Canyon driving back to Portland. Oh well, it will be good incentive to keep on driving!! (But I may have to read ahead a bit by picking up a US 1st Edition while on the road!)


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