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May 19, 2005

Been a long time gone

Okay, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. First there was Phoenix. It is very hot in Phoenix, the houses are all short and there is a lot of sun. Now I know I have lived in the Pacific NW too long in that I am complaining about seeing the sun, but Phoenix sun is just plain too hot - I felt the carcinoma starting as soon as I got off of the plane.

As for the activities in Phoenix, let's just say there is a reason why they call the yearly gathering a "retreat" rather than, let's say, a rocking good time, but oh well, time out of the office is still time out of the office. Plus, Gail and I got to try a very cool restaurant and check out (if only briefly) Taliesin West.
Then, it was back to PDX and the rain, rain, rain, hail, torrential downpour, and more rain. The best part about coming was of course seeing Josh and Melo, but it was also the awesome taxi pick up and dinner service a la the Rushers. (Jenn - you make a mean crabcake!!).

While I was off playing (well, more like sweating) in Phoenix, Josh and the crack work team was hard at work tearing down the chimney. Action shots for the kiddies:

The start of the adventure:

Oneeeeeeeeeee. . .

Twooooooooooo. . .


Note: All proper safety precautions were used in the making of this latest pile of rubble, and much fun was had by all:

Thanks to Rob, Seth, and Ted-dad!

We have to rent a cherry picker when I am home next time!! Then there was work, but that's just boring, icky, hate it, SSDD, so the good news is today is MY FRIDAY. (I am a big believer in the classic demotivator(tm): hard work may pay off later, but procastination pays off now.) Anyways onto the coast for the weekend and the annual WC seminar at Salishan. Me, Josh and Melo hitting the road and outta dodge, if only for a few days. But hey, we have to come back because there's another dumpster (make that #4) coming on Monday.


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