It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

May 31, 2008

A crafty Saturday!

Our friend Greg came down Friday night for a visit along with his beautiful chocolate lab, Bella. After our last Saturday Dragon Boat practice (thank goodness), I headed out to meet up with Chrissie for the going-out-of-business sale at the Let's Quilt shop (yet another victim of the Chrissie-Kat quilt shop curse, it seems). Then Chrissie took me to a wonderful, awesome place that will be my mom's second favorite place in the NW: Monticello's. It is incredible - a wonderful cafe, lovely places to sit, and an amazing collection of various bis and baubles. I cannot wait to go back with my mom and Chrissie!

Chrissie then took me to another great place, Knittn' Kitten, a craft thrift store. They had bamboo double points in an assortment of sizes for only $2!!!!!! And buttons, and fabric, and yarn - oh my! Erica - you must come visit soon, there are so many crafty things to see and do!!

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May 29, 2008

Holy blast from the past

An old high school friend that I haven't seen in years is on Last Comic Standing - Erin Foley!! Fingers crossed for Erin!!

May 26, 2008

Rosenbaums 1, Rat 0

We found the rat, and yet another nest it had. We thought we were down and we were hoping that the rustling sounds Josh heard in the morning in the bathroom were just squirrels on the roof. No such luck. The little bugger had managed to trap itself between two joists in the kitchen, right where we needed to take the drywall down for the plumber. (I'll spare you the details of the failed trap down in the basement, but see the skeevy comment below and you'll get the idea.)

However this time, once we opened the ceiling the rat had no way out (it was trapped in the joist over from its old nest area and beyond its travelin' hole between the basement and the 1st floor). After trying the scare it out of the ceiling into several plastic bags and waiting plastic tote, Pete's Pest Control came back and invoked the nuclear (i.e. sticky tape and drowning) option. So we now have a big hole in our kitchen ceiling, we're down a rat (good news) and we're skeeved out as Josh would say (or has said many times today already). Classic bit was when Pete came over, stuck his head up into the ceiling and said, "Wow - that's a really big rat." Josh: "Not to be offensive or anything, but that is just about the worse thing you could say." If Pete said it was a big rat, well, it was a big rat. About 9 inches, sans tail.

If this is not "the" rat, then I am moving out. Or, we are tenting the entire house and invoking the real nuclear option. I seriously hope the next holiday on the calendar is rat-free--frankly, I'm starting to miss the squirrel.

May 23, 2008

They're Here!!

They're Here!!
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Yeah - they made it and we didn't even have to take off a door, just some slight rearranging. The fridge looks so shiny and new - it seems a shame to put all the old food back in. I'm already fretting over the fingerprints - so here's an investment tip, buy stainless steel cleaner!! But I don't care if there's fingerprints - they come off and these new guys are beautiful.

May 22, 2008

Out with the old

Out with the old
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Tomorrow is the big day - new range, new stove. We're just hoping that there is some way that the new appliances will fit into the house. It is not so much the space in the kitchen, but the pre-ADA, 31 to 34 inch wide doors. I'll use crisco oil if its what it takes! Alas, 1968 range and refridgerator of undeterminate age, you served us well (well, not that well, but bygones) and now it is time to go to that great big yard of old appliances in the sky. Keep posted for pics of the new bits!

May 19, 2008

Josh's Photo Made the Interwebs!!!

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We got a flickr email that a website wanted to use one of Josh's photos from Tahiti. You can check out the use at Now Public in a story about whale-hunting. For the record, the website story is anti-whaling, and we saw the above beauty (and it's baby) sailing in Tahiti--no hunting here!!

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May 18, 2008

What a weekend!

We're in the midst of a heatwave - I will be so glad when the 90 degree weather is over. This weekend was a busy one. Rob came down for a visit and some quality catch up time. We also dropped some serious moola at Sears for a new stove and refrigerator, and best of all, my birthday - hanukkah - christmas - anniversary present came a bit early: a new sewing machine!! (thank you very much sweetie!)

I wound up getting the same one my friend Chrissie just got -- mainly on her recommendation and the report that it is super quiet. While I love my Brother and it has served me well, it was a bit noisy. I have yet to take the new girl for a test run - I'm only 1/2 way thru the instruction manual and managed to slice my thumb while making dinner so it might have to wait until I get feeling back, but I am super excited to try it out. Josh also managed to get me to go car shopping--well more like car looking. We really dig the Ford Escape hybrid, but the whole car buying process blows - we're checking out the Costco car buying program (thanks again Rob for the tip!!) and already the car priced out $10K less than the dealer. I'm holding fast for the premium package and ambient lighting - Josh knows me and LEDs, so aside from shaking his head I think he's pretty much resigned so long as he gets his audiophile option!

We also rescued a neighborhood doggie that wandered off. Josh was walking Melo and the pooch was wondering on Greely -- not a good road for a dog to be wandering around on. He and another neighbor saw her, so the neighbor held her while Josh came back for me and an extra leash. She (later learned her name was Billie) was such a sweetie - sort of a shorthaired and smaller shepard with beautiful ice blue eyes. Very sweet, friendly, obviously well cared for and not abandoned. We walked around the neighboorhood a bit (checking in with the 2 animal control trucks in the neighborhood for another lost pooch). We didn't want to hand her over because we weren't sure what they would do with her.

So then we loaded Billie in the car and resumed patrolling the neighborhood, asking anyone we saw if she looked familiar. No luck and we were getting prepared to drive to Dove Lewis to get her scanned for a chip. After about 30 or 45 minutes, we got a tip that cracked the case: a woman thought she had seen a sign put up earlier in the day or the day before about a lost dog near Fred Meyers. We worked our way towards Freddie's and spotted a lost dog sign: "Tricolor, female, blue eyes -- please call."

Turns out we found Billie's owners. Her mom was very very thankful over the phone; the dad seemed a bit perturbed, but relieved because it seems Billie is a bit of an escape artist and has done this before. She escaped from inside through a cat door this time. So with a last hug and kiss from Billie, we kept up our 100% success rate in reuniting lost doggies with their parents. With the exception of one parent, I have been really surprised how non-emotional the owners have been. They are polite and thankful, but I think there must be a bit of embarrassment. Me, if someone found my Melo, I could not say thank you enough and would think about naming my first kid after him/her!!

So, if you are reading this and have a pet, here's the plea to please, please, please chip him or her. I cannot even think about what I would do if Melo was lost and I couldn't find her--the one time she wondered off on me from the backyard still makes my chest contract in fear and she was next door. She's chipped, aka puppy lo-jacked, and thankfully pretty non-inquisitive, aka she's lazy. And still the cutest puppy princess in the world. I think I need to go give her a puppy snuggle right now.

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May 17, 2008

It's more impressive if you see the before picture!

The before picture
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Look at that cleaned-up entry way to the basement and shelves. Bonus points for relocating most of the cleaning supplies from under the sink to a more accessible area!

May 16, 2008

The Big Clean, Part 1

Basement Before
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Yeah, this is the best (or should I say, least bad) photo of the current state of our basement. This (and the other photos in this set) are after 10+ boxes to Goodwill and 5+ boxes to Mom & Dad's for the yard sale. Simply put, Josh and I have an incredible amount of, here it is, crap.

The good news is that we've reached the tipping point. We were hit by the spring cleaning bug, but it was just a mild case. Like the flu. Our medicine was to clean the kitchen, and that's when it went horribly wrong (or seen in a better light, started to go right.) We now have full blow Spring Cleaning-itis and here's why:

Scene: It was Saturday night, we were cleaning the kitchen and boxing up things to take over to my mom and dad's. Bottom kitchen cabinets on the right:

K: Josh, what are those? Those are bigger than mouse dookie.
J: No, it's just a big mouse.

[Interlude #1: We take everything out of those cabinets, which thankfully, have stayed in rubbermade totes. Get the wet dry vac and discover nesting area #1, which consists of a copious amount of big mouse dookies and food illegally taken from Melo's, my precious Melo's, food dish. Various upset states of being and swear words, then finding of steel plates to cover each and every hole between various cabinets to prevent further passage/movement of big dookie maker. Then decision to clean out the bottom kitchen cabinets on the left is made.]

K: Why do we have so much alcohol, we never drink any of this stuff.
J: I don't know, let's clean it out.
K: Okay, I'll pull out the ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

[Think loud, high pitched girly-girly scream, which is later confirmed as having been heard by neighboor, as a RAT (aka a big mouse) scurries from behind the box I'd been pulling out of the cabinet into the open cabinet under the sink. Then add another one because I was seriously freaked out, and at this point, standing on a kitchen chair refusing to get down--ever. I think Josh may have even screamed, but in a much more baritone, manly sort of WTF??? sense.]

[Interlude #2: (WIth UB40's Rat in Da Kitchen playing in the background.) Basically another Benny Hill like episode, reminiscent of the Great Squirrel Incident, whereby we try to capture the rat bastard in a rubbermaid tote but eventually lose the bugger. Discovery of nest #2 (more poop and Melo food.) Call to Pete's Pest Control at 11:30 PM Saturday night with apparently desparate sounding voice mail and a promise of first born child if they will come out tomorrow.]

Next Scene: Mother's Day. Pete to the rescue, setting of traps, long discussion on possible entry sites (and identification of the likely one) and plan o' attack. Discovery that Portland has the worst rat problem in the US, recently made much more visible due to the Big Dig going on downtown. Suspicion that formerly boarded up house down the street recently raised for the pouring of a new foundation may be involved, as is the decided lack of cats since the great cat boat house eviction when we moved in years ago.

Update: No more rat. 95% sure it was just one, and the little bugger is gone. Much cleaning done to basement (not the point of entry, but I don't want ANY where ANY more furry little rodents could hide. Melo's food moved permanently upstairs. Later learned our neighbor also had a rat a month or so ago - bugger probably got evicted to our place. Picture is of current state - more to come. We get a dumpster for Memorial Day weekend and there shall be much dumping. Much much dumping.

May 10, 2008

2008 Dragon Boat Team

2008 Dragon Boat
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Today was my kind of saturday practice - I didn't have to paddle, we had our old coach as a guest, and the team went out to breakfast afterwards! We went to Madison's in SE - pretty good biscuit and gravy, and since practice is so early we had no wait! We've started spring cleaning (a bit late, like the nice weather we're supposed to be having) the kitchen a bit, too. One trip to Goodwill, a box of stuff for my mom and a tiny increase in usable counterspace. Now if only I could encourage Josh to start painting . . . .

May 08, 2008

The Helman House, Ashland, OR

The Helman House, Ashland, OR
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This is where Chrissie and I stayed in Ashland - it was perfect and so cute. Plus, we discovered it was literally 2 blocks to downtown Ashland and the Shakespere theatre . . . . and Puck's Doughnut Shop. We are SO going to go back.

Yeah, its been a while

But oh so busy. Chrissie and I had a wonderful trip to Ashland to celebrate her birthday. I love Ashland - it is a good thing it is at the other end of the state because I think I'd have to move there. It is severely cute, with the bonus of a very cute quilt shop and lots of yummy restaurants. The trip was great - we stopped in so many quilt shops on the way down and back that they all sort of blend: Albany, Eugene, Jacksonville, Cottage Grove (I think!). It was a productive trip too - Chrissie made great progress on her place mats (now complete) and I got two Christmas present quilts mostly done. I also made some good progress on some birthday socks and a new pair of socks that will be for Christmas. Can't post too much here unless some possible recipient checks out this blog, but there may or may not be pics up on flickr one of these days!

And today I'm home from work recovering from minor girly surgery. I'll spare you the gory details but it wasn't too bad. The only parts that were not so great was signing the consents (parade of horribles fully disclosed in advance) and getting wheeled into the OR. I think next time I want a Valium or something before getting wheeled in--waiting for the anesthesiologist was not fun since I got to see all the various surgical instruments (aka instruments of torture), get strapped down to the OR table. But I don't remember anything after the sleep doc said "now we're giving you something to make you . . . . zzzzzzzz." He made a good mix of sleep drugs cause the post-anestheia nauseau was minimal. Even better, things were fixed and I'm good to go.

Other than that, it has been work, Dragonboat, and getting ready for the next round of home improvements. We're waiting on a bid to redo the front - which would be SO awesome (cause I won't miss the AstroTurf). We've got bids for the plumbing work and electrical service and will hopefully get the kitchen in better shape, too. My favorite part will likely be the renting of the dumpster to clean out the basement - whatever can't go to Goodwill is going in there!!

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