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May 31, 2008

A crafty Saturday!

Our friend Greg came down Friday night for a visit along with his beautiful chocolate lab, Bella. After our last Saturday Dragon Boat practice (thank goodness), I headed out to meet up with Chrissie for the going-out-of-business sale at the Let's Quilt shop (yet another victim of the Chrissie-Kat quilt shop curse, it seems). Then Chrissie took me to a wonderful, awesome place that will be my mom's second favorite place in the NW: Monticello's. It is incredible - a wonderful cafe, lovely places to sit, and an amazing collection of various bis and baubles. I cannot wait to go back with my mom and Chrissie!

Chrissie then took me to another great place, Knittn' Kitten, a craft thrift store. They had bamboo double points in an assortment of sizes for only $2!!!!!! And buttons, and fabric, and yarn - oh my! Erica - you must come visit soon, there are so many crafty things to see and do!!

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Blogger erica said...

I sooo need to be in Oregon!!! Like, now. :-( How does early to mid November look? It's earlier than January, which is motivation enough for me, but I don't want to muck up the beggining of your holiday season, either.

8:26 AM


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