It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

October 18, 2009

Getting back to baking

It must be fall . . . this weekend, we made pizza (twice) from scratch, including the crust; pumpkin pie; and tamalito (the sweet corn pudding stuff from Chevy's). Yum - I love having left overs for lunches! We also managed to squeeze in a run to drop off stuff to Goodwill as a part of the perpetual continuing basement/stuff purge '09, a trip out to somewhere on the edge of east Portland for a craig's list find (lateral file drawer for Josh's comic storage plan for the basement (verdict still out), and some general straightening (plus a few loads of dishes and laundry). Phew - tired!

October 09, 2009

Angel Puppy

Originally uploaded by kckellner.

Been a while, so I thought I'd ease back into blogging with a Melo picture. This one is particularly cute . . . . now I need to go snuggle with the puppy princess.