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November 02, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party and Halloween 2009

Some highlights from the first annual Pumpkin Carving Party - next year, we're renting a cotton candy making machine!


Anonymous erica said...

Those candy apples make my teeth hurt, just thinking of biting into one. So far I've abstained, but man, oh man, do I want one. Sure wish I could have been at the party - it looks like you and Josh have everything well in hand with the Halloween festivities. I miss being a part of them. And I love that Melo had a costume change! At least there was no wardrobe malfunction!!!!

6:40 AM

Anonymous Liza said...

I'm so sorry we missed it! It looks like a great spread of treats and lots of fun. One thing I did notice was the absence of anything made with Halloween Peeps. I must be mistaken - please tell me they were there somewhere!

8:20 PM


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