It's still all mainly about the Melo (look whose picture is prominently placed at the top of this page!), and what we're in to, up to, and trying to do, and all of the other good bits in between.

November 17, 2005

Oh, and we're headed to Harry Potter IV

I can't wait - I just hope we can both stay up thru the whole thing!!! Opening night, first showing at Pioneer Place downtown - wonder if it will be crowded??

Melo and Le Tub

Melo and Le Tub
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Here it is - in the spare bedroom, still wrapped in plastic, but its here!!! And, you can check out Flickr for photos of the latest progress on the bathroom--we now have mostly painted walls and wainscoating!!! I think tomorrow is the finishing rounds of painting and maybe a bit of cement backer board so the floor tiling can begin . . .

November 16, 2005

Behold the progress

Captain, there be walls here . . . , or there will be once I upload the latest pictures to Flickr. Right now, we're down at FFA to utilize their showers, which are a lot nicer than the dungeon ones at Standard.

We now have moulding, and wainscoating, and of course, le tub!!!! I will post Josh's summary of events leading to us actually (and finally!) getting the tub and then getting said tub up to the second floor. It is awesome, and I just hope to goodness that it fits!! The bathroom is really coming together, its just nice to have walls again. Tomorrow we should see the first coat of the color. Right now, I am not too sure about what we picked out, but Josh says its good - we'll have to see once its on the walls. Slowly but surely the bathroom remodel is coming along. I sure won't miss that port-a-potty at 6 am in the dark and cold!!

November 14, 2005

TA - DA!!!

New Living Room Arrangement
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No, its not the bathroom. With a howl of disappointment that could be heard in Montana, in a conversation with our contractor Ron yesterday I realized/remembered it will be another WHOLE week til we have a bathroom back. But it is the coolest new piece of furniture from Cost Plus. It is stylish, holds all of my yarn, and we had 25% off the entire purchase (so we did a little Christmas/Hanukkah shopping, too). Wow, the yarn stash must have been really, really bad because Josh was excited to get this piece. It does look really nice - the picture doesn't do it justice, nor does the pile of finished projects to the right which are there til I figure out where they are going!!

November 13, 2005

Banner Day for the Rosenbaum Bowling Team

Josh broke his personal best with a 204, and I managed my best of 126 in a bowl-a-thon with Jack and Rob at good old Interstate Lanes. It must have helped that we rested up yesterday - the Cronin Crud seems to have made its way to Josh's cube and he's been fighting something most of the week. Go Josh - he had 7 strikes and was on fire!! With his unique style, he's destined for the PBA. Good thing my friend Jen at work has a partner that works for the PBA. ESPN 8, the Ocho, here we come!!!

Bowling, watching the first disc of A&E's Pride and Prejudice, making blueberry muffins and egg nog lattes was much more rewarding than going into work. So much so that I might not totally want to jump off the 26th floor when tomorrow morning and work comes around, but it might take another muffin or two and another egg nog latte to keep me from jumping. Tomorrow the new person starts and let's just say, I am predicting big steve-o-ness possibilities in this one. Good thing I will be running around frantically trying to get the things I should have been doing this weekend done!!!

November 09, 2005

And so the remodel begins . . . .

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Y'up - we are officially on Day Two of the 2005 Bathroom Remodel Extravaganza. Our current mantra is "just two weeks, just two weeks." This morning, when we had to use the Honeybucket off the back porch, which was then covered with frost, the mantra was more like "just two f$%^ing weeks, just two f$#@ing weeks." Oh well, when that clawfoot tub is ready, and I am soaking in luxury, it will be all worth it!!!

Our contractor, Ron, is great. They had the entire interior, including tub, toilet and sink ripped out the first day. And, they cleaned up great - if you close the bathroom door, you wouldn't be able to tell that you can now look up when you are in the bathroom and see right into the attic. Today was a bit more stressful, as Ron thought at first we may not have all the tub bits we need. I think we're back on track, and so far, the folks at Vintage Tubs have been excellent. And, boy, do they know a LOT about tubs. Josh, Ron, the tub people and I all were on a conference call about various bits - it sounded kind of like a dirty phone call what with all the talk of inserting and nipples and such.

We just finished up sushi with Jenn and Jack, and are now at FFA to use the facilities, which thankfully includes a shower. Y'up, no Honeybucket for me - at least not until the morning!!

November 07, 2005

(In a breathless English accent): "Mr. Darcy"

Ahh yes - Chrissie and I had our Pride and Prejudice play this past weekend. It was so good to just hang out, have a lovely lunch at Mothers and then go see P&P with our excellent up close seats. The staging was great - no real set other than chairs and pillows, excellent costumes and of course, one of the most romantic stories ever. So even though Col. Fitzwilliam looked more like Mr. Darcy, and play-Jane looked like A&E-Elizabeth and vice versa, it was just so much fun. I hadn't been to a play in ages, and Chrissie and I agree - must go more!!

Y'up - given the kind of week its been, since Josh has his newest computer game going, I think it might be time to watch the A&E version again, or at least select scenes!! Or, I can always read my very-own personalized version that Josh made for me--he downloaded a copy of P&P, then changed out Elizabeth for Katherine, Mr. Darcy for Mr. Rosenbaum and a whole host of other characters!!! Talk about romantic - I truly hit the jackpot with my own personal Mr. Darcy, even if he doesn't lead a landed life of luxury in the English countryside.

November 01, 2005


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This is Melo's impression of a bumblebee. Or she might be doing her take on the Ring. Never quite know with this puppy.

Hey there, happy belated Halloween!!

pumpkin puppy 3
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This is just one of the precious princess puppy Halloween photos - you can check out all her snazzy posing on for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Halloween 2005 album. It was quite a whirlwind of a Halloween weekend, but we managed to fit Melo's annual 'mom-i-can't-believe-you-are-doing-this-to-me-and-there-better-be-a -big-treat-involved-here' photo shoot.

So it started with a nice lazy Friday at home getting rested up for the Rusher halloween bash. We also made some really yummy halloween treats: peanut butter pumpkins, mummy hotdogs on a stick, and Hersey kisses/fudge cookie witch hats. After putting the finishing touches on the costumes and food Saturday morning, we were ready to PAAA-ty, and party we did. Poker, jello shots, glow bracelets, and goodie bags - those Rushers throw one heck of a party. Josh and I shared Best Costume honors-woo hoo!! Unfortunately, now we'll have to come up with REALLY good costumes for next year.

After recovering Sunday morning (with a whole extra hours - woo hoo), we got to visit with the McLaughlins. Leina is even cuter than before, and Kulia is *the* pinchable baby. She's really sweet - Leina is gonna have to watch out as kid sister is giving her a run for the money in cute.

Josh and I then kept the Rosenbaum corn maze tradition alive with a new corn maze down in Tigard. The design was of Mt. St. Helens. Needless to say, it was a lot harder without the corn cops of Sauvie Island to help out. Plus, the fact that several of the sign posts were buried in the corn didn't help with the ease factor. But we managed to find our way out and were rewarded with standard corn maze fare: brautwurst and fries farm style!!

And that still left the actual day to come . . .