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November 01, 2005

Hey there, happy belated Halloween!!

pumpkin puppy 3
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This is just one of the precious princess puppy Halloween photos - you can check out all her snazzy posing on for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Halloween 2005 album. It was quite a whirlwind of a Halloween weekend, but we managed to fit Melo's annual 'mom-i-can't-believe-you-are-doing-this-to-me-and-there-better-be-a -big-treat-involved-here' photo shoot.

So it started with a nice lazy Friday at home getting rested up for the Rusher halloween bash. We also made some really yummy halloween treats: peanut butter pumpkins, mummy hotdogs on a stick, and Hersey kisses/fudge cookie witch hats. After putting the finishing touches on the costumes and food Saturday morning, we were ready to PAAA-ty, and party we did. Poker, jello shots, glow bracelets, and goodie bags - those Rushers throw one heck of a party. Josh and I shared Best Costume honors-woo hoo!! Unfortunately, now we'll have to come up with REALLY good costumes for next year.

After recovering Sunday morning (with a whole extra hours - woo hoo), we got to visit with the McLaughlins. Leina is even cuter than before, and Kulia is *the* pinchable baby. She's really sweet - Leina is gonna have to watch out as kid sister is giving her a run for the money in cute.

Josh and I then kept the Rosenbaum corn maze tradition alive with a new corn maze down in Tigard. The design was of Mt. St. Helens. Needless to say, it was a lot harder without the corn cops of Sauvie Island to help out. Plus, the fact that several of the sign posts were buried in the corn didn't help with the ease factor. But we managed to find our way out and were rewarded with standard corn maze fare: brautwurst and fries farm style!!

And that still left the actual day to come . . .


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