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October 01, 2005

Testing . . .

Jenn's wonderful leek & potato soup recipe is in the works and we're starving. It smells really good, but we'll have to see if I got it right. Too bad we're all starved and we started dinner a tad late, but oh well! I'll post the recipe and any tips I learn along the way soon. Needless to say, this ain't no weightwatchers recipe to be sure. But at least I did pour off the bacon grease before adding the butter, right?

Well, we needed a yummy dinner after rounding up the first few bits of my Halloween costume. I really hope it turns out good - it is a cool idea, but I am going to have to invoke some sewing skills I am not sure I have. I can't take credit for the idea though - I found it on line in an effort to find an idea. No pics for in progress- this is top secret. Jenn and Rob's Halloween bash is right around the corner and this year, there's a catwalk for costumes, so its all out!! I can't wait!!


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