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September 25, 2005

Got to Pay to Play

On Saturday we took my parents out to Spirit Mountain Casino - none of us had ever been and despite the bit of smoke, it was really nice inside. While my dad and Josh gambled, Mom and I drove to the coast. She bought us me two more glass floats for the living room window, which is on its way to being filled up! While we were out sightseeing, Dad and Josh played the slots and Josh cleaned up - $300.00. Smart guy that he is, he stopped while ahead and fought the urge to try his hand at the craps table, instead opting to add it to the new camera fund. The buffet at Spirit Mountain was really good, so once the cholesterol levels get down to normal again, we'll be headed back to try out lady luck again.

It was a buzy weekend, since next up was the Portland Polish Festival . Too bad I didn't remember the camera - lots of great costumes, and of ciourse food, a tribute to Pope Paul II, and lots of polka dancing. I am not sure how folks manage to polka after potato pancakes, perogies, keilbasa, and stuffed cabbage rolls! Josh even found the name of an accordian teacher here in town (what better place to find one)-we'll have to see if she can teach something other than polkas though!


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