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September 12, 2005

Yada Yada Yada

There's just not been a whole lot going on lately that I feel like blogging about. The parents are moving back east, and I think between all the pictures of Katrina and reading Into The Void, its just been kinda blah--and really, considering just how lucky Josh and I are in the scheme of things, it'd be childish and selfish to whine about our lives when all those poor folks down in LA and MS have just lost everything. I may hate my job, but for now, I have one, it pays the bills, and I have a great house (notwithstanding unfinished floors and permanent hole in the bathroom wall), a wonderful dog who gives the best pupple snuggles ever, and the bestest hubby in the world.

So, I'll chalk it up to being the in between season - too warm to be fall, too early to get really excited by the holiday season (explaining why all the halloween decorations, which I generally adored, are bugging the $*&% out of me at Michael's and Joann's). Plus, I miss Erica. She wasn't here for near long enough!!

Today was Jack's first day of school - yikes!!! I remember him being in diapers - now school!! I hope Jenn took pictures!


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