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June 30, 2005

Important 4th of July Safety Tip

Stay away from War of the Worlds. Play with illegal fireworks, eat a lot of BBQ food, but stay away. See Josh's blog at right for more info, but suffice to say this movie was almost another Deep Impact experience (that damn movie made me cry from almost the first 10 minutes til the end with the hopelessness of it all).

Not as much crying this time, but the same blah, blah, blah, depressing, gray, if I was in this situation I'd want to die in the first wave of attacks thank you. Not sure about anyone else (save Josh), but on the 4th, I want to see some ass-kicking, blowing-up, good old united-against-the-evil-creepy aliens (or asteroids in the THE best summer movie, Armageddon) . . . not some gray, depressing, needlessly gory ick-fest. Granted, WOW had amazing special effects (note to Lucas, you can have amazing special effects without everything being CGI). But the movie was just blah and ick. I must have wisphered to Josh on at least 4 separate occassions 'boy, does this movie stink - where's Will Smith kicking some alien butt? where's Bruce Willis saying we win Gracie?' The whole aliens-using-humans-for-blood-fertilizer wasn't scary, just gross. The aliens were cool, but I think I want my money back.

Time to go check out the teaser trailer for King Kong (12/14/05 - we are SO there opening night)! Now, I think I need to go watch Armageddon - its been about 4 weeks. Plus, I want to save Independance Day for the 4th: "You did NOT just shoot that green s__t at me."


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