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June 13, 2005


Its back, and in the hell of a hiatus due to internet problems, there's been several birthdays (mine and Erica's - big shout out to my Gemini sis), a new baby (see prior post which was done timely, but didn't get officially posted until today) and our Dragon Boat team officially kicked some booty (and for all those who know about our dragon boating adventures, it still counts even though our toughest competitors were a sight-challenged boat). We got a trophy and everything.

Okay, now for something I've been meaning to do (but couldn't due to aforementioned internet issues) for sometime:

To Erica - happy belated birthday annoucement on website!

To Rob, Jenn, and Jack: Muy, muy gracias for an absolutely great birthday dinner. The only way it could have been better was if we were all in Tahiti together doing the same dang thing - seriously, that was the most fun night we've had in a while and your gifts ROCK! Most not malo!! So, when you making those bbq skewers again??

To Chrissie and Kevin and the McLaughlin clan: Extra congrats on the newest cutie - we can't wait to come see you tomorrow!!

To Greg & Lani - Big thanks for coming down and hanging out all weekend down at the waterfront with us. It was great to see you guys, and you went the extra mile staying for all our races (glad we won a few before you left, even if it was a race against the special dragons!!). Greg - most excellent input on the video camera - its a thing of wonder!

To Rob, Jenn and Jack 2: Thanks for coming down and cheering us on. Your wonderful signs are up in my office. The mutant lawyers is very popular, as is the most-excellent fingerpaint rendition of the Dragon Boat!!

To my excellent in laws, Gail, Ted and Virginia: Thanks so much for coming down last weekend - it was a great time and I am SO lucky to have rockin' in-laws. Thanks too for all the presents. Josh and I will be up this weekend with the video camera and the accordian - now won't that be fun!!

And last, but never least, to my most wonderful, kick ass husband: Great B-day babe! Just like our Dragon Boat team this year, I don't know how you are going to top this one. I love you extra special much! Also, everyone should know that Josh is not only a tiller-extraordinare, after only learning to till and doing it one season, he has been asked to teach the Tiller's Clinic for next year's Rose Festival Dragon Boat races. He is da man.

And with that, we're back!!

p.s. As soon as I (or okay, let's be honest, Josh) figures out how to work all the most-nifty features of the video cam, we hope to have Melo videos for the offering. She's so much more spritely now that she has no hair and has become the Nair puppy. If the Blogger/NetFirms hissy fit has been truly resolved, we may also get before and after pictures one of these days!


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