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May 01, 2005


Ahhh, the wonders of crafting. Jenn, Sarah and I spent the bulk of yesterday after Dragon Boat practice crafting and it was mighty fun (and surprisingly productive). Sarah got two sides of her fish cat toy knitted, Jenn put together a ton of scrapbook pages ranging from Cabo to some high school-era shots of Rob (including some pretty funny pictures of Josh, Greg and the gang from back then), and I managed to get all the Cabo pictures in a book. Now, for writing in notes and all that journaling, maybe I'll just rely on the awesome photo DVD scrapbook Jenn and Rob put together - it is so cool, it almost makes me want to get a Mac. But, then I would have trouble playing Diablo and couldn't just ask the hubby to fix it (since I seemed to have skills in breaking Macs). But dang, those are some cool looking computers and they have great graphic programs.

Anyways, after much crafting and then hemming and hawing (spelling?) about what to do next, we wound up at BJs (or JBs, as Jenn likes to call it) with a very attentive waiter and his pazookie and a wonderful thing called Framboise and a beer sampler. Needless to say, not much more crafting was done, but fun was had by all.


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