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April 05, 2005

My Kingdom for a Peep!

Ahh yes, I realize it is well past Easter now (dang, how did that happen?), but there are still some Peeps (tm) lying about in the pile of left over Easter candy. Josh found this link for me on Peeps and I must say the science is pretty impressive. Now if we had done this sort of stuff instead of dissecting defenseless frogs and earthworms back in high school science, my academic career could have had an entirely different course.

Too bad it is only Tuesday, today definitely felt like a Thursday. And, since its Tuesday, it means that we have Dragon Boat practice tomorrow. Not a good sign that my arms and chest muscles already hurt and we've only had one practice! Hopefully, the rain won't scare off too many folks - on Monday us hardy souls who made it thru the downpour which started precisely 10 minutes before practice were rewarded with a rainbow and some sun breaks. We'll have to see who makes it back for the next torture, I mean paddling, session.

Got to see the polar bears up at PDX Zoo today - bonus work boon-doggle: speaking at a conference at the Zoo, and then getting to go to the Zoo. I just will never understand why polar bears have to be one of the most vicious animals when they are the cutest (next to Melo, of course). PDX Zoo's display gets you up close, and wow - the bears' heads are HUGE. They still need a zoo where you can pet a polar bear (a well-drugged, under anethesia one that is!)


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