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January 02, 2005

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Well, not really. But Rosenbaum luck with computers has not been so good lately. Fortunately, we are waiting on some really great parts (my computer will be rockin' soon!) and Josh fashioned a good temporary fix. Poor guy-he's been fixing computers left and right over the past few weeks but seems to be getting them all back on track. I can't recall a computer problem yet that Josh can't fix in some fashion. So while Diablo might not be running too smoothly right now, this way I don't lose several hours playing away in one sitting and I will soon have a much happier computer!

New Year's Eve was great - Gail came down and we went to a Winterhawks game. Sadly, the Hawks fell to evil Seattle 3 to 1. Jenn, Rob and Jack scored great tickets and Jack did great at his first hockey game. Who needs the NHL and a bunch of spoiled athletes - the WHL is just fine with me! After the game, we headed over to the Rushers for some snacks and fireworks. (No pics yet - have to wait for the new computer to be up and running) Jack and Rob seemed to love their matching Christmas presents - ZipZaps (tm). These are very cool little remote control cars that have working front and rear headlights and can be tricked out with bigger/better wheels, motors, etc. Big thanks to Ted who gave Josh and me some last year for Hanukkah/Christmas - next thing you know we'll be racing at PIR - already know the track from our Christmas lights drive-thru.

Today was the restful last day before we all have to go back to work - its so much nicer right before the Holidays. Everyone is in (generally) a good mood, everyone is like 'let me get back to you after the holidays' response, and there are those lovely short weeks thrown in the mix. So tomorrow is catch up day when everyone is back and they are just sure whatever project they were content to wait on before is now a must-have, pants on fire item. And to make it worse, a Monday. And even worse, I have to start studying for my SHRM test (plus, it might be a good idea to check what day I am taking it and where.) There is some good news - there's only one Monday this week.

Since there's no heat in the basement, and 'Behind Enemy Lines' is on tv, so I'm headed upstairs. [Why is it so much more fun to watch a movie you have on DVD when its on TV on Sunday nights - must be something linked to my childhood when I'd try and be really quiet so my parents wouldn't notice I was still up when the ABC Sunday Night movie start-up would come on in the hope that they'd let me stay up just a bit longer!] The wristwarmers I made from some great Debbie Bliss kid alpaca and silk have kept my hands nice and toasty, but a snuggly couch, husband and Melo are calling!


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