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March 21, 2005

Back to Normal??

Okay, it has been about a month since the last entry and I have no good excuses -- save a heinous workload, work & fun trip to Miami and Orlando that I will post (or is that boast) about later, and most recently a trip up to Seattle/Bainbridge for work and some fun. It is so good to be home, even though it is a veritable pit right now between all the Florida pack and unpacking, then the repacking and re-unpacking from this last weekend. Josh was a laundry god in between the trips, so fortunately we're not too far behind. It feels so nice to be home-I can't wait for the weekend to relax and clean this place up. We're also hoping for some nice weather so we can plant all the garden goodies from Flower World and Molbak's. Time for some pizza and maybe, just maybe some picture uploading. Then it might be time to check in on how Erica and I are doing on the NCAA tourney - so far, the Blue Devils and KY are both still in so at least one of my brackets isn't totally blown (dang Texas Tech!).


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