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January 04, 2005

Back up and running

Now that Josh worked his computer magic on my temporary computer (only 2 more days til the new bits get in - can't wait!!!), we're mostly back in action. Unfortunately, his computer caught a few viruses (boo on Norton anti-virus for missing them), so its being coddled with computer medicine as I type.

Not much new, work is work, but at least tomorrow is the half-way point. Too bad its the half way point between now and my upcoming SHRM ( test. I will be hitting the books this weekend. It could be worse - I could be studying to take another bar exam. But if I were, and I was similarly lackadaisical in my studying, I'd be pretty much totally freaked out right about now.

Anyways, as a reward to anyone kind enough to check out this site, let me direct you to one of my favorite sites of all time: The maker of this site is a graphic artist genius, and his designs definitely get a Melo-like award for cuteness. The games are great fun (who are those people who get those high scores), and the music is quite soothing. Enjoy!


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