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April 10, 2005

Two Sausages and a Margarita

It has been a nice lazy weekend, especially since I'e decided procastination today is worth more to me than having a long work day wishing I had worked today tomorrow. Greg, Lani and Brandon came down on their way to Eagle Crest for a family get together/vacation. While Greg, Brandon and Josh played Marvel Superheros (NB: attacking Magneto head on is generally a not a good idea), Lani and I took a quick trip over to the Yarn Garden for some more knitting goodies. She surprised me with the cute KnitWhit Flower Kit , which I am working on today until my crochet class at Michaels. I hope to have it finished and felted by the time they are back on their way thru PDX next weekend. There are just some many cute flower patterns out there - and it's a great way to use up left over yarn bits.
After much knitting and gaming (and laughing at the gamers while knitting), we met up with Jenn, Rob and Jack to check out a pizza place Lani found out about through her foodies: Apizza Schools . Lani's foodies don't lie - there was a wait even at 8:00 pm, but it was well worth it. Plus, the wait let Brandon and Jack run off some energy with sidewalk races. Though a bit like Seinfeld's Soup Nazi (you are not allowed more than one meat topping per pizza, and don't dare ask for parmesan cheese to sprinkle on your pizza), the pizza (two sausages and a margarita) and antipasto plate were excellent!! Kudos to Lani for another great restaurant find for us in PDX. Jenn, Jack and Rob then surprised us all with ice cream sandwiches. Just talking about dinner & dessert from last night is making me hungry, so I think I will have to go wrestle Josh for the one left-over piece of pizza. Maybe I will share if he agrees to working on getting our random melo picture generator back up and running . . . .


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