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April 17, 2005

Is it really Sunday night already?

Dang, weekends go too fast. A short visit with Greg, Lani and Brandon on their way back to Seattle, a quick trip to the Portland Farmer's Market and Max & Hilde's Nursery to pick up some trumpet flowers and hops, and Sunday night with Jenn, Rob and Jack and Josh's burger bar - all fun and too short. So much for getting any real work done this weekend, but at least I finished our Florida trip photo book and the little lime green llama yarn bag, and refelted the KnitWhits flower and my own pattern purse. Now its time to get working on finishing up the roses for the purse. I guess in retrospect, I should be writing down the patterns I've made up, but they are mainly variations on patterns I like but have to monkey with because I don't have the exact same yarn in the stash or right needle sizes. All right, I guess I better check my calender to see what horrors work has in store for tomorrow . . .


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