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April 14, 2005

To Bookcase, or not to bookcase

Okay, I haven't posted any pictures of the new couch, mainly because I have not figured out how to do it on my own and I think Josh is reluctant to show me unless I delete a really, really cute picture of he and Melo snuggled fast asleep (he seems to think it is most unmanly). Anyways, we have a bookcase dilemma. The Billy(tm), aka Ikea bookcase, no longer fits la decor, so must go. Since we moved the chair-n-a-half over to compensate for the new lovely sofa, the bookcase is blocked a bit and we need to find something in the small space. Two options- behind the chair-n-a-half, or if its really skinny (necessitating tallness as a property as well), for in front of the internal chimney. Nothing is really catching our eye from either Pier 1 or CostPlus, our two mainstays, and everything from Meier & Frank or Furniture World is too boring, so we're currently at a loss. But the Billy(tm) must go, and go soon.

In addition to inside house photos, I'll have to start posting outside photos soon so we can chronicle the new fence. Our neighbors agreed to cedar (yeah - no white vinyl), and we've picked the contractor and got the bid. We just have to talk to the backside neighbors and see if they will contribute (which would be nice, but if not, thank goodness for the IRS savings plan, aka tax refund). The contractor is scheduling about 2 weeks out, and given how excited I am about getting rid of the nasty old fence Josh is positively bonkers. I can't wait to see what great plans he comes up with for planting - perhaps I can convince him we need just a few more lavender and rosemary plants if I agree to a few more blueberry bushes as part of the bargain.

Now that I have wasted some time, its off to a new place with L&E associates -- Echo -- to catch up and celebrate with a former fellow associate who announced/found out she's pregnant! I can't wait to see how she's doing-its her first one and we always used to wonder which one of us would go first into babyhood and debate provisions for a first-time mommy contract (also tm). She's already thinking ahead--since her dog is presently in doggy day-care, she's wondering whether there are any combo doggy/child day care places and if you get a 2 for 1 discount. There might be some business potential in that idea . . . .


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