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June 19, 2005

Strateloutions for Father's Day

Gotta love corporate babble speak - this one is from some recent commercial and I think I will try it out at the next meeting to see if anyone recognizes it. We're up in Seattle this weekend and so far the weather has been beautiful. Its at bit cooler up here but sunny - I hope there was some rain in Portland because we didn't get a chance to water before leaving. Of couse, since we're up on Bainbridge, I just *had* to go to ChurchMouse. It was pleasantly non-snooty, at least in terms of the salesperson who helped me - the island customers (and you can always tell which ones they are verses the visitors) were the same, but alas, they do have nice things. I even managed to finish an entire quick easy shoulder poncho with yarn that refused to stay in the 3 other projects I started with it. I might make another one to sell at the Christmas bazaar this year - if I make it that long and don't find another fun use for the yarn.

We're headed out to the Casino for brunch this morning - Ted's choice as it is Father's Day. They have a yummy brunch, but since we had an awesome dinner and 2 servings of ice cream cake (courtesy of Gail) I'm not sure how much brunch room there is. I'm sure we'll rally as soon as the thought of unlimited bacon makes it thru my sleepy head.

Oh, and we finally got to get down to Chrissie & Kevin's and meet Kulia in person. She is very cute wrapped up like a baby burrito. She's already got a head of dark hair and word on the street is that she's favoring the Terry side in terms of looks. Her big sis Leina has the McLaughlin side, and is very cute when talking about her sister. Which is kinda funny since everything, including the Melo without hair, is "cute" right now to Leina. Leina almost didn't recognize Melo at first with her new shaved look, but then reverted back to Melo, Melo, Melo - it must be the furry tail part that gave it away!

So Happy Father's Day to Dad and Ted(dad)!! See you at the buffet!


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