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July 09, 2005

Made It - The First Leg of the Cross-Country Oddessy

We made it to Delaware!!! The flight wasn't too bad - Melo made it thru the flights just fine, and Josh and I managed to catch a few ZZZZs on the way after watching Timeline (pretty good, but the book was better). We slept a few hours to make up on the 3-hour time difference and then went to work packing the POD. Josh, amazing packer that he is, fit it all in with mom, Danielle, me, Mike, Alex and Sean all pitching in to move all the boxes. So once we locate the PODS paperwork, we can cancel the 3rd POD and enjoy the rest of trip. We rested up and hung out in Kevin and Danielle's pool for a bit which was wonderful. Its so nice to be back on the East coast for a bit. Oh2Oh2Oh2 is running today so we're hopeful for a win-check back for an update later to see if she placed in the money.


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