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July 15, 2005

We've Made It To South Dakota

About 1400 miles and halfway across the country. So far, we've been thru many tunnels (Alleghany mountains in PA), seen lots of Amish folk (PA, WI, and MN), taken a DUCK ride and seen deer, a fox and a bald eagle (WI), 2 quick detours to catch Michigan and Iowa (which smells and is THE most boring state I've been too, sorry Buckeyes!), crossed the Mississippi, and visited the Corn Palace. The doggies have been great - they just snooze in the back. Right now, Teddy has usurped Melo's snuggle position with Josh. Josh's Aunt Lu, who we visited yesterday, just *loved* Teddy and thought he was the cutest thing, so I've been telling Melo she is still the cutest princess puppy in the world so she doesn't worry too much! We're off to the Badlands, the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway and hopefully a cave and/or one of those "Mystery Spots" Josh is always talking about today! I think when we actually look out the hotel room window this morning where the sun is already scorching, we're going to be glad that we decided to drive on to Murdo, SD last night - this state is hot, dry and flat - much better for night driving!!


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