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October 01, 2005

Ahh, Serenity

We saw Serenity last night, and it was SUCH a great movie. Neither Josh or I were big Firefly fans, the SciFi show Serenity was drawn from, but we both really liked the movie. I had seen a few episodes, and the Serenity plot line had a lot in common with my all-time, SciFi fav FarScape, rag-tag band of folks, joined together outrunning big bad evil empire. Since the two shows, I think, overlapped on SciFi, we never really adopted Firefly since Erin and Crichton were our focus (go FarScape - come on full length feature movie, bring back D'Argo, Zan, Pilot, even Rygel and Scorpius!!) Serenity's special effects were really good (although Heather and Colin like to sit close the screen, so that took some getting used to), and I would change one thing in terms of the story, being I don't like a high body count and I am a sucker for the ultrahappy ending. I saw one review that said Serenity was the new StarWars (only in the way that since the new series blew so much, the original StarWars fans need something to love), and someone also said that if Harrison Ford's Hans Solo had his own movie, this would be it (That I can believe-In the words of Lani, Mal is a tasty man morsel.)


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