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October 28, 2005

Happiness is a Friday (now a Saturday)

I can't believe (and I am so happy) that the work week is finally over. Even though I have some serious work to do over the weekend, I also have some serious fun to have at Rob and Jenn's Halloween Bash and lunch with Kevin and Chrissie and Sunday dinner at El Gaucho's.

Josh had his Halloween party at work on Friday afternoon. While he was robbed of best costume, we won the pumpkin carving contest (pics later) and got some more cool Halloween decorations (again, pics later).

Saturday morning, sitting at the computer surfing the web and getting caught up on emails with Melo in my lap (she spell checks for me) and Josh getting creamed at his new favorite computer came, something-or-other Nova, its a good day.

Erica - wish you were here to go the Halloween party or shopping and Pride and Prejudice next weekend!! I miss you tons!


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