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October 22, 2005

Summing Up

Let's see, been a while. Why is it so much easier to think up the blog in my head (where I am amazing writer, full of wonderful prose worthy of awards) than to blog - must be too much time on a computer at work. And cable . . . good thing we're getting rid of that soon.

Anyways, parents have left, work sucks (gee, something new and exciting there), we've got Artie while Kevin and Chrissie are on their first family trip, we're starting the process of the bathroom remodel (more later, still waiting for a tub) and today is Jenn's birthday. We're headed out for a girls night so here's to hoping I have some energy for work tomorrow since there's a crap-load to be done. And fun of fun, its review time, which always brings about the best office dynamics. Don't you just love the passive aggressive partner/boss who loves to give you the compliment that really seems like it should be a compliment, but makes you feel like you just graduated in your chosen profession and have no experience when in reality you are very experienced and have read his or her work/projects which are none too great, stilted, and overblown. I LOVE that, really I do. Now I am all for good editing (everyone can use that), but nit picking because you fancy yourself a brillant writer and not recognizing that frankly, different people write in different ways makes me think, just go f*&(ing right it yourself. (Especially when a client likes it just fine . . . . )

So screw it, its Saturday and time to pretend I have a wonderfully rewarding job that is both fulfilling and socially important such that I can actually enjoy a weekend day without the gut wrenching thought of 'I have to do that,' or 'how am I going to do that.' Maybe I will go carve some pumpkins or something!!


Anonymous Chrissie said...

Hey Chica... Sounds like we need to have a shopping spree! Somehow the world seems so much better when you have a new outfit and rocking shoes to match. Thanks for loving our pooch for us!

1:50 PM

Blogger KnittyChicka said...

Shopping - yes much shopping!! And I can't wait for our Pride and Prejudice weekend, and to see you guys this weekend - been too long!

7:22 PM

Anonymous Erica said...

I want to do a Pride and Prejudice weekend, too!!!!! :-( And I never mind shopping! Anyway, know that you can always run away to Kentucky and truly ignore the real world. Plenty of bourbon balls and other sinful distractions to be had in the Bluegrass State.

I hope the tub arrives soon and you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing bath!

7:50 AM


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