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November 09, 2005

And so the remodel begins . . . .

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Y'up - we are officially on Day Two of the 2005 Bathroom Remodel Extravaganza. Our current mantra is "just two weeks, just two weeks." This morning, when we had to use the Honeybucket off the back porch, which was then covered with frost, the mantra was more like "just two f$%^ing weeks, just two f$#@ing weeks." Oh well, when that clawfoot tub is ready, and I am soaking in luxury, it will be all worth it!!!

Our contractor, Ron, is great. They had the entire interior, including tub, toilet and sink ripped out the first day. And, they cleaned up great - if you close the bathroom door, you wouldn't be able to tell that you can now look up when you are in the bathroom and see right into the attic. Today was a bit more stressful, as Ron thought at first we may not have all the tub bits we need. I think we're back on track, and so far, the folks at Vintage Tubs have been excellent. And, boy, do they know a LOT about tubs. Josh, Ron, the tub people and I all were on a conference call about various bits - it sounded kind of like a dirty phone call what with all the talk of inserting and nipples and such.

We just finished up sushi with Jenn and Jack, and are now at FFA to use the facilities, which thankfully includes a shower. Y'up, no Honeybucket for me - at least not until the morning!!


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