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November 07, 2005

(In a breathless English accent): "Mr. Darcy"

Ahh yes - Chrissie and I had our Pride and Prejudice play this past weekend. It was so good to just hang out, have a lovely lunch at Mothers and then go see P&P with our excellent up close seats. The staging was great - no real set other than chairs and pillows, excellent costumes and of course, one of the most romantic stories ever. So even though Col. Fitzwilliam looked more like Mr. Darcy, and play-Jane looked like A&E-Elizabeth and vice versa, it was just so much fun. I hadn't been to a play in ages, and Chrissie and I agree - must go more!!

Y'up - given the kind of week its been, since Josh has his newest computer game going, I think it might be time to watch the A&E version again, or at least select scenes!! Or, I can always read my very-own personalized version that Josh made for me--he downloaded a copy of P&P, then changed out Elizabeth for Katherine, Mr. Darcy for Mr. Rosenbaum and a whole host of other characters!!! Talk about romantic - I truly hit the jackpot with my own personal Mr. Darcy, even if he doesn't lead a landed life of luxury in the English countryside.


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