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November 14, 2005

TA - DA!!!

New Living Room Arrangement
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No, its not the bathroom. With a howl of disappointment that could be heard in Montana, in a conversation with our contractor Ron yesterday I realized/remembered it will be another WHOLE week til we have a bathroom back. But it is the coolest new piece of furniture from Cost Plus. It is stylish, holds all of my yarn, and we had 25% off the entire purchase (so we did a little Christmas/Hanukkah shopping, too). Wow, the yarn stash must have been really, really bad because Josh was excited to get this piece. It does look really nice - the picture doesn't do it justice, nor does the pile of finished projects to the right which are there til I figure out where they are going!!


Anonymous Chrissie said...

OK, two thoughts. First, back away from the yarn stores very very slowly. Second, after viewing your bathroom pics, remember our guestroom and fully functional bathroom is ready for you if you need it! Hang in there, the result will be soooo worth it.

2:43 PM


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