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November 13, 2005

Banner Day for the Rosenbaum Bowling Team

Josh broke his personal best with a 204, and I managed my best of 126 in a bowl-a-thon with Jack and Rob at good old Interstate Lanes. It must have helped that we rested up yesterday - the Cronin Crud seems to have made its way to Josh's cube and he's been fighting something most of the week. Go Josh - he had 7 strikes and was on fire!! With his unique style, he's destined for the PBA. Good thing my friend Jen at work has a partner that works for the PBA. ESPN 8, the Ocho, here we come!!!

Bowling, watching the first disc of A&E's Pride and Prejudice, making blueberry muffins and egg nog lattes was much more rewarding than going into work. So much so that I might not totally want to jump off the 26th floor when tomorrow morning and work comes around, but it might take another muffin or two and another egg nog latte to keep me from jumping. Tomorrow the new person starts and let's just say, I am predicting big steve-o-ness possibilities in this one. Good thing I will be running around frantically trying to get the things I should have been doing this weekend done!!!


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