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May 26, 2008

Rosenbaums 1, Rat 0

We found the rat, and yet another nest it had. We thought we were down and we were hoping that the rustling sounds Josh heard in the morning in the bathroom were just squirrels on the roof. No such luck. The little bugger had managed to trap itself between two joists in the kitchen, right where we needed to take the drywall down for the plumber. (I'll spare you the details of the failed trap down in the basement, but see the skeevy comment below and you'll get the idea.)

However this time, once we opened the ceiling the rat had no way out (it was trapped in the joist over from its old nest area and beyond its travelin' hole between the basement and the 1st floor). After trying the scare it out of the ceiling into several plastic bags and waiting plastic tote, Pete's Pest Control came back and invoked the nuclear (i.e. sticky tape and drowning) option. So we now have a big hole in our kitchen ceiling, we're down a rat (good news) and we're skeeved out as Josh would say (or has said many times today already). Classic bit was when Pete came over, stuck his head up into the ceiling and said, "Wow - that's a really big rat." Josh: "Not to be offensive or anything, but that is just about the worse thing you could say." If Pete said it was a big rat, well, it was a big rat. About 9 inches, sans tail.

If this is not "the" rat, then I am moving out. Or, we are tenting the entire house and invoking the real nuclear option. I seriously hope the next holiday on the calendar is rat-free--frankly, I'm starting to miss the squirrel.


Blogger erica said...

This is freaking me out, 2500 miles away. It was bad enough when I heard that there had been a huge (dead) squirrel nest behind the wall where my head lay the first time I came to visit, but at least those squirrels were dead. I'm not sure I want to visit and have this much interaction with the wildlife of PDX!

12:49 PM

Blogger KnittyChicka said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah - this from a girl from KY - I expected better from ya! Technically, we've had one live squirrel and one mummified squirrel. Add that to the mouse, rat and (thankfully outside possum and racoons), we've pretty much covered to rodent family. If we get a beaver or nutria, I'm moving!

10:16 PM


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