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May 08, 2008

Yeah, its been a while

But oh so busy. Chrissie and I had a wonderful trip to Ashland to celebrate her birthday. I love Ashland - it is a good thing it is at the other end of the state because I think I'd have to move there. It is severely cute, with the bonus of a very cute quilt shop and lots of yummy restaurants. The trip was great - we stopped in so many quilt shops on the way down and back that they all sort of blend: Albany, Eugene, Jacksonville, Cottage Grove (I think!). It was a productive trip too - Chrissie made great progress on her place mats (now complete) and I got two Christmas present quilts mostly done. I also made some good progress on some birthday socks and a new pair of socks that will be for Christmas. Can't post too much here unless some possible recipient checks out this blog, but there may or may not be pics up on flickr one of these days!

And today I'm home from work recovering from minor girly surgery. I'll spare you the gory details but it wasn't too bad. The only parts that were not so great was signing the consents (parade of horribles fully disclosed in advance) and getting wheeled into the OR. I think next time I want a Valium or something before getting wheeled in--waiting for the anesthesiologist was not fun since I got to see all the various surgical instruments (aka instruments of torture), get strapped down to the OR table. But I don't remember anything after the sleep doc said "now we're giving you something to make you . . . . zzzzzzzz." He made a good mix of sleep drugs cause the post-anestheia nauseau was minimal. Even better, things were fixed and I'm good to go.

Other than that, it has been work, Dragonboat, and getting ready for the next round of home improvements. We're waiting on a bid to redo the front - which would be SO awesome (cause I won't miss the AstroTurf). We've got bids for the plumbing work and electrical service and will hopefully get the kitchen in better shape, too. My favorite part will likely be the renting of the dumpster to clean out the basement - whatever can't go to Goodwill is going in there!!

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