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October 06, 2007

A very nice Saturday indeed

It was been one of those great Saturdays. Rob, Jenn and Jack came for a visit. We started with just hanging out, catching up and resting for our trip to Tad's Chicken -n- Dumplings, aka Chix Dump, in Troutdale. Despite the name, Josh and I are usually tempted by the yummy primerib, especially now that The Prime Rib is sadly no more. (I am still working out this photo deal, but if you click on the random white box below, you'll get a picture. My IT department needs to get on the ball, or I'm going to have to lodge a formal complaint.)

Then, to help walk off a part of dinner, we hit IKEA, which was strangley busy for a Saturday night. It might have been the wonderful Christmas decorations which are now present - YEAH.
I was pretty restrained--one lantern and a few star light strands. Then it was handing out with PS2 and pokemon *listening* to music!



Blogger erica said...

Chix Dump and IKEA in one day? What a weird combination of redneck and hip...and just think, that's the opinion of a Kentucky bred girl (the state where people are surprised we wear shoes, seriously). Though I must admit that I'm eagerly awaiting an IKEA opening up within 2 hours of my house. They say it will be here next spring. SIGH

11:46 AM

Blogger KnittyChicka said...

Next combo - Bridgeport shopping and black-light pirate themed mini golf!! You will SO love the IKEA - it keeps getting cooler and cooler!

3:18 PM


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