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September 16, 2007

gosh what a weekend

It started out fun enough with bunko at Tiffany's and a tie for second place and a win in the roll off. Then a Saturday of Michael and Kamarin's babyshower for Naomi (with the Green Lantern sweater, pictures later), then shopping with Josh at IKEA and Target for accessories to go with the new floors. Then a visit from Chrissie and the girls, who brought Busters. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Leina and Kulia we're SO cute running around with Melo and bouncing balls inside - it makes me want to just skip unpacking the POD and keep it empty inside!!!

Unfortunately we then got the 911 call that my mom had taken a bad spill at the house, so off to the ER. Fortunately, no broken hip, but a fractured shoulder and big bonk to her head with a big shiner to go with it. Her head is okay, but the shoulder is going to be immobilized for 6 to 8 weeks. No surgery given where she broke the bone-OUCH! I'd post the pic from the hospital, but when the vicodin wears off, she'd beat me with her good arm!

So please send positive thoughts and prayers to my mom and dad, who's equally if not more distressed than her! And my brother mike who is doing great helping out! We're on our way over with Olive Garden for dinner now that I finished up some work--that always raises the spirits in our family!

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Blogger erica said...

Hey, Chicka,
Give your mom and dad both a hug from me and tell them that I'm thinking of them. Sounds like you need another weekend, just to rest! Call me whenever life slows down for a moment.

6:04 AM


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