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August 13, 2007

I miss my Southern Spice!!

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Yes, I finally got around to uploading my pictures to Flickr from my wonderful trip in July out to see Erica. It took me so long because it just bums me out that 1) I am not still in KY visiting E (aka, Southern Spice - time for a reunion tour) and 2) there are all those dang states between Oregon and Kentucky. Erica blogged beautifully about all the cool places she took me on my visit, and the best bit of it all was just hanging out with E (especially staying up really late when we couldn't sleep watching whatever was on cable, which wasn't too much!!).


Blogger erica said...

Hey, Chicka!!!! Come back! I'm so bummed now that I've seen your picture here. Of course, I need to go back to Flickr and really get used to this whole thing, not to mention send the pics off to get copies made. I miss you, tons!

Southern Spice

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