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July 08, 2007

Catching Up

(So Chrissie doesn't remove me from her blog list!) Let's see, in no particular order: Trips to Salishan (very nice spa) and Sunriver (great restaurants, the Pine Table and the wonderful beinets at Merenda with with Kurt, Talina and Ethan). Fixing up Harrison (and not believing it made it back from Sunriver given how much was wrong with him!) Birthdays (wonderful gifts from Josh, including the incredible cool keyboard on which I am typing now that changes colors since I am a sucker for LED items and my new bestest purse ever). Trip up to see the Rushers & a great day at Tillicum Village out and about in Seattle. Dragonboat - up to the big leagues in Division 3 and a photo finish race (Heat 60) for the record books. First truly important defense deposition that likely didn't go so well, but at least its over! Weekend at the mountain with a 911 call adventure and upwards hike from hell, but some solid karaoke time. Still waiting to hear on the potentially very cool job (fingers still crossed). Surviving the install of the heat pump, which was not as bad as the removal of the old oil tank (but did result in our basement getting very clean by ServiceMasters) and which is now resulting in most joyous AC in the Portland heatwave. Movies: Spiderman 3 (sucked), Pirates of the Caribean (sucked even more), Transformers (ROCKED!!), Ocean's 13 (bit like a long A-Team episode, but with much better looking "Faces"). Finally watching one of our Netflix videos: Transporter II (surprisingly, not bad and very cool stunts/fight scenes). Anxiously awaiting Harry Potter V (movie) and VII (book) - and thanks to my wonderufl hubby, I will have the book (first edition UK and the CD/audio version) on the day of publication. Sixth (6th!!) wedding anniversary. Fourth of July fireworks and breaking in our new deck.

Now, I've got to upload all the pictures. This is the first time I have ever actually run out of room on my card. I've got to get ready to visit Erica in KY!!


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