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April 10, 2007

Gallery o' Peeps

Gallery o' Peeps
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Josh yet again out did himself in terms of finding the perfect gift. I love Marshmellow Peeps. I REALLY love Peeps. They meet all standards for absolute cuteness/adorableness/likableness: 1) made of sugar and/or covered with sugar, 2) bright happy colors, and 3) simplistic, nay iconic, design with requisite cute, minimalistic details. And bonus, peep is an anagram for extra cool factor.

They are, quite simply, one of the most perfect candies. And yes, there are those that do not like, or fail to appreciate the awesomeness of, the Peep (for reasons unexplainable to me) . . . but that is because they have not discovered yet the uber-goodness know as Cocoa Peeps. New to me this year, courtesy of Target, they taste like the smell of the old school chocolate scratch-n-sniff stickers. In a word, yum.

But I digress. The awesomeness of Josh's perfect gift finding prowess was this time, his discovery of the Peeps pictured here. Specifically, the blue basket Peep in the middle. Forget the other candy, the yarn shop gift certificate . . . all attention was focused on the perfect Peep basket. So, after much candy and several Peeps, we then ventured out and swooped up the after-Easter sale of Peep-stuff galore (another Peep basket, and bigger toy plushy-Peeps.) Later on, in the 70% off Joann's sale, I discovered Peep travel containers. For those lucky folks next year, your Easter basket may well contain a Peep-product or two.

So, while Easter snuck up on me this year and thwarted all decorating efforts and intentions, next year it is the year of the Peep. But these guys are so cute, I think they might just have to say out all year long. And, I think I better go buy Josh a present - but it is gonna be hard to beat the Peeps.


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