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February 19, 2007

The Vault

In a work-related outing on Saturday nite, I got to go the Vault, a trending cosmopolitan bar in the Pearl. Besides the rather cliche trance music, low lighting and loud volume, the martinis were awesome. The menu was neat - the various martinis were grouped by type, i.e. fruit-based, vegetable based, classic, chocolate, etc. My favs: pineapple drop and melon drop. The blackberry martini and mango mojito also looked promising. Post-Vault, it was to the new Portland Center Stage theatre - one of the 10 most environmentally friendly buildings in the US. Very neat - but the play sucked ("The Thugs) - at least it was free and only an hour. Those were the best two things about it. Even the guy who played Mr. Bingham in last year's Pride and Prejudice (great production) was lame, but I blame the playwright.


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