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August 13, 2006

Patty cake, patty cake with an ice cream cake

One ice cream cake. One 1-year old within arm's reach. It is surprising what a good sound you get with full-hand contact on an ice cream cake!! Kulia identified her piece and claimed it, very effectively!

Besides the belated Leina (and 1-month early Kevin) birthday celebration, we learned how to play Mah-Jong (its all about getting the tiles Chrissie calls lobsters, UK, jellyfish, or rocket tiles via pong or chow moves, I tell ya) and got Josh a new grill. The new grill is about the size of a mini cooper and had a fancy side burner and everything! I can't wait to hook up the rottiserie (been waiting 5 years as that was a wedding present!) and fire the new guy up. But it will have to wait - much cleaning and assembling today has left us too pooped to grill.


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