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July 22, 2006

Its Hot!

Africa hot. No, even worse. Pacific Northwest my sweat glands were not made for this hot. My shins are sweating. I don't think its natural for shins to sweat. Let's hope this heat breaks soon or I will never be able to leave the one air-conditioned room in the house.

We did venture out last night to the PDX Timbers soccer game. My co-worker Dan won a suite for the game and invited his friends and family. It was great (save for the hot part) - the suite was great, perfect view of the pitch, and Dan's family was really cool!. Those poor soccer dudes - I cannot imagine how hot they were running around. Soccer players could kick football, basketball, and hockey players butts in terms of stamina - 90 minutes, no subs!! Seattle won, 2 to 1, but it should have been tied (they got a sneaker goal right after their first goal, but Portland's penalty kick in was much prettier!).


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