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July 16, 2006

One wonderful weekend away

Never underestimate the power of simply running away for a weekend - it can be great and very therapeutic. I'd love to test out the therapeutic value of running away during the workweek, but I'm already sure to be in enough trouble tomorrow at work.

We caught some quality with Jenn, Rob and Jack and got to see the Alaska pics and play the Pirates of Caribbean DVD game. Thanks again guys for all the wonderful prezzys. Polar bears rule!! Then we got to check out Greg and Lani's new place (very cool 50s ranch-built for partying!!) and celebrate Greg's birthday. Happy 29th (again), Greg. On to Sunday and a chance to check out some houghty-toughty and beautiful gardens and homes on the Bainbridge in Bloom tour with Virginia. Wow - there's no end to what we could accomplish in our backyard with several thousand dollars and entire gardening team. Maybe next year!

If there were only one more day in the weekend, Josh would have so much more time to check out videos on his new obsession, You Tube . Do a search for "Ok Go" for a great music video - those guys are so FLY.


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