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February 13, 2006

Walk This Way . . . .

Well, its official. Josh and I became cool about 10+ years after the fact. Despite many questions about my musical taste due to my attendance at 2 Yanni concerts (voluntarily, and not with an elderly family member or under duress), we rocked out tonight with the Lenny Kravitz/Aerosmith concert at the Rose Garden. Courtesy of a cool client/friend, we got to not only go to El Gaucho's for dinner, but then got to go to the firm's suite to enjoy the show. The suite is sweet and so the way to go - no waiting in line for a bathroom, food and beer right in the sweet, and plenty of leg room. Lenny Kravitz rocked - I didn't know I knew so many of his songs and he's great live. Aerosmith is a true ROCK band - loud, lots of guitar (courtesy Joe Perry) and very entertaining. Bummer was that they did not perform 'Janey's got a gun' or 'Dude looks like a lady' - 'Walk this Way' rocked as did 'Sweet Emotion' - gotta love any song from one of the best movies ever, Armaggedon. I'm not so sure my hearing will ever be quite the same but it was worth it!


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