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July 25, 2006

6 Degrees

Yikes. Al Gore's internet needs to get bigger. Fast. Surfing innocently away, I went to Chrissie's site, which in turn lead me to check out Urban Mamas. Intrigued by the name, I checked out My Whim is Law, curious to see if it was someone from good old Lewis & Clark. And low and behold, there it was - Professor Jack Bodanski's blog . Way too small of a world. His income tax class is the one that Erica and I would regularly take spiked coffee into in an effort to make tax a bit more understandable. Let's just say it did not work. At all. Might help explain why I had to have an accountant do my taxes, before I was married and before I had a house or any meaningful deductions. One of my most distinctive memories is studying for that bloody final, and realizing I did not understand (and did not really care) what the heck was "income" and whether it was above or below the line.

And yikes, check out the name dropping in his blog. It reads like a roster of former law school professors and attorneys at the Firm, where ironically, Prof. Jack used to be a partner. Y'up, Portland just got a little smaller. Mommy.

Allright, time to go to bed. Josh is lost to You Tube and episodes of Robot Chicken. That show is so wrong, but so funny.


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